Our firm was founded 20 years ago by Bruno M. Stillo, CPA, MBA. Bruno had previously worked as an Accounting Manager at NY Blue Cross & Blue Shield, as well as a Senior Royalty Auditor for Coopers & Lybrand. While at Coopers & Lybrand, he examined the books of music publishing companies on behalf of songwriters to determine underpayments, and also published an article in Billboard magazine attesting to his expertise in music royalties.

Afterward, Bruno managed a hospital-based physiatry practice, where he handled all administrative matters related to the practice. When the practice experienced a cash flow problem, an investigation determined that the billing company was performing substandard work. The billing company was fired, the practice took over the billing function, and outstanding receivables were cleaned up. Taking over the billing function led to an intimate knowledge of physiatry billing, which in turn led to the formation of Physiatry Billing Specialists Inc. Bruno and his very capable staff have a combined 100 years of insurance and medical billing experience!