Collection Percentage

If your practice is 80% or more inpatient, your collection rate will be approximately 98% after insurance adjustments, based on a patient mix with most having at least primary insurance coverage. No ifs, ands, or buts!

Our services emphasize increasing the collection percentage; we are not data entry operators who keep a mechanical accounting of your billing and collection. The medical billing services provided are “full-service.” We do not make one or two calls to insurance companies or patients, and then “bail out” by sending them to collection.

We will file written appeals with insurance companies, and even schedule hearings before Medicare Administrative law judges. We negotiate with attorneys for letters of protection in personal injury cases, and prepare Small Claims Court documents.

We make the following statements emphatically regarding our services:

  • Physiatry Billing Specialists will increase your collection percentage, which
    will in turn increase your practice income.
  • If a patient has insurance, the money will be collected virtually 100%.
  • If the patient has been paid by the insurance company in error, the money will be collected virtually 100%.
  • If the money can be collected, it will be collected!