MIPS Expertise

Since 2014, physicians have been mandated by CMS to satisfy specific reporting requirements (first for the PQRS program, and currently for the QPP/MIPS program), or face severe penalties. In addition, since an extremely high percentage of physiatry patients have Medicare insurance, the potential penalty for not properly reporting is very high. Adding to the reporting burden, each year CMS has been progressively adding to the reporting requirements, thereby increasing the risk of being penalized.

MIPS presents special challenges for hospital-based physiatrists, because the vast majority of MIPS Quality Measures are geared to office-based practices. Therefore, selecting the correct Quality Measures to avoid a penalty is of paramount importance.

We are pleased to say that, since the inception of CMS’s reporting programs, PBS has been able to expertly guide clients through the complexities of MIPS, and to date, no client has been penalized!

In fact, just this year, we took over the billing for a client who had no idea that she was being penalized 5% on all her Medicare payments in 2020. Although we could not do anything about the 2020 penalties, we set her up to avoid this exorbitant penalty going forward.